Chin Fong Supply Chain specializes in the wholesale trade of  chinese herbal medicine and tonic supplies, and is established in Singapore as the reputable brand for traditional chinese medicine and health care products. Chin Fong’s state of the art edge in supply chain ensures customers receive supplies which are maintained under the strictest and highest standards of quality, directly from its medical sources, and enhanced through multiple stages including the cultivation, harvest, product enhancement, packaging, storage and logistics management.
The main product offerings of the company includes all kinds of chinese medicines, dried goods, seafood tonics, etc. products are exported to Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, and other asian countries, with the focus on fully developing business in Singapore. our company specializes in supply chain expertise to create a one-stop shop for guaranteeing high quality. our company owns a large-scale medicinal plantation and factory which utilizes professional equipment and machinery to process, enhance and package high quality, safe and affordable goods to our customers. 
In a rapidly progressing traditional chinese medicine landscape today, we endeavor to bear the trust and expectations of our customers, through our belief and philosophy of “bigger, stronger, and long term business” to bring about the prosperity of chinese medicine culture, fulfill people’s health and wellness, and satisfy our customers’ requirements. We strive, with attitudes of professionalism and diligence, to contribute meaningfully and significantly to Singapore’s chinese medicine industry!






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